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MultiTherm LLC has been a leading supplier of efficient, non-hazardous and non-toxic Heat Transfer Fluids since 1977. Within a temperature range of 10 °F to 600 °F, the company can successfully and economically accommodate a customer's heating or cooling requirements however exacting they may be. Further, MultiTherm provides troubleshooting help and a fluid analysis service to determine the physical and chemical condition of the fluid.
Featured Products
MultiTherm OG-1® Heat Transfer Fluid
Oxidation Grade for Open Systems
Operating range: -20°F to 550°F
MultiTherm IG-1® Heat Transfer Fluid
Economical heat transfer fluid
Operating range: 10°F to 550°F
MultiTherm FF-1® Flushing Fluid
Flushing Fluid up to 600°F (315°C)
MultiTherm PSC Plus®
MultiTherm PSC cleaning fluid.
Designed to breakdown sludge and stay in suspension for easy removal or filtration. System can be operated up to   550ºF/288ºC.

Food Grade Heat Transfer Fluids
All 3 products are: NSF HT-1 Approved
for incidental contact & Kosher Certified

Multitherm PG-1 - Self cleaning, Non Fouling, High quality food grade mineral oil for use in closed loop, liquid phase heating and cooling systems to 600ºF.
FDA Certified Non-Toxic USDA Chemically Acceptable

Multitherm IG-4 - is a non-toxic durable heat transfer oil for use in closed loop, liquid phase heating systems up toto 600ºF. It has very low vapor pressure a dn oxidation resistance.

Multitherm FF-1 - Flushing Fluid up to 600ºF.

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HVAC & Industrial Coils
Heat Exchangers
Tube Bundles
Replacement or New Coils
JUNIORFLUX Pump & Motor Unit/PP
Self Contained Ceil Tile A/C Unit "T-Bar Unit"
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