About MultiTherm

MultiTherm LLC was founded in 1977 by two engineers with extensive experience in liquid phase heat transfer and hot oil systems. They believed that there was a need in the process industry that uses hot oil heaters for alternatives to the expensive, hard to work with synthetic heat transfer fluids. They also recognized that users of thermal fluids were dependent on a high level of technical support to reduce operating and maintenance problems. This emphasis on superior technical support became the basis for our TechTeam® approach to providing a complete system analysis for solving customer problems dealing with hot oil heaters or hot oil systems.

MultiTherm's TechTeam® approach is unique among suppliers of non-hazardous heat transfer fluids. Complete technical support, from system layout to ongoing fluid maintenance programs and troubleshooting is provided by an in-house engineering staff with extensive industrial experience. This customer focused approach ties together the various mechanical and chemical properties to provide optimum performance for users.

MultiTherm heat transfer fluids/hot oils/thermal oils are used for temperature control of hot oil reactors, stills, wiped film evaporators, mixers, tanks, extruders, molds, platens, dies, laminating and calendar rolls, and dryers (just to name a few applications) in over 35 industries throughout the world. In addition, MultiTherm fluids have been used in heat recovery applications, electronic equipment cooling systems and as reaction solvents.

MultiTherm heat transfer oils are available in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, 275-gallon totes and in bulk. Drums are stocked in 3 central locations in Philadelphia, PA; Memphis, TN and Salt Lake City, UT for customers to pull from.

MultiTherm also realized a need for replacement coils and became an industry leader in HVAC coil manufacturing. Whether its steam, steam distributing, DX, chilled/hot water, or tube bundles, MultiTherm can provide all of our designs with 10 and 5 day expedited shipping schedules and are the specialists in replacing other manufacturer’s coils. MultiTherm also provides a myriad of heavy-duty designs for HVAC and process heating and cooling applications. Applications include high-pressure steam, thermal liquid, high pressure and untreated water, and Pre-Heat/Pre-Cool coils.

Today, MultiTherm is a company that just focuses on your heat transfer needs. Wheather it is heat transfer fluids or replacement coils/heat exchangers/tube bundles/air handlers, MultiTherm has the necessary experience and knowledge to help you solve problems and offer you with a long lasting solution.