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Customer Case History from Nashville, TN

Got a panic call from a company in Nashville TN, said that they have been down for days because the fluid that they are running has turned to a consistency of peanut butter. They got MultiTherm’s name from the heater OEM. We utilized a specialized technique to remove the old oil from the system so we could put in a combination of MultiTherm PG-1 heat transfer fluid and MultiTherm PSC-Plus process system cleaner. We got them up and running within a day. The combination of MultiTherm PG-1 and MultiTherm PSC-Plus allows them to continously run at temperature while the system is being cleaned. The cleaning fluid will breakdown any sludge into really fine particulate to be filtered or removed from the system during the next recharge. The MultiTherm PG-1 keeps those particules at a neutral charge so they will not readhere to the walls of the piping.

Mark Smith
MultiTherm LLC
Heat Tranfer Fluid Company
2016 Feb 16