Mineral Oil MultiTherm IG-1® For Liquid Phase Heating Systems

MultiTherm IG-1® mineral oil for liquid phase heating systems.

MultiTherm IG-1® is a highly refined; hydrotreated mineral oil designed primarily for use in closed loop heat transfer systems. MultiTherm IG-1® is designed for use in systems that are equipped with expansion tanks, and it is recommended to have pressure relief valves and an inert gas blanket on the system. In properly designed systems it will provide troublefree, long lasting service.

MultiTherm IG-1® is an excellent heat transfer fluid used in numerous industries that are looking for an economical heat transfer fluid for various manufacturing processes. Common applications for MultiTherm IG-1® heat transfer equipment used in manufacturing of asphalt shingles and roofing compounds, road-paving equipment, die-casting, paper and particle board.

Closed Loop Systems
MultiTherm IG-1® is designed for use in liquid-phase heat transfer systems, which are “closed” to the atmosphere. Where practical, it is recommended that there be an inert gas blanketing the systems expansion tank to guard against exposure to air and water to reduce the need to change-out the fluid prematurely.

MultiTherm IG-1® heat transfer fluid is designed with a maximum film temperature of 600°F / 316°C and a maximum bulk temperature of 550°F / 288°C.

MultiTherm IG-1 Physical Characteristics*
Chemical Type White Mineral Oil
Appearance Clear, Liquid, Colorless
Odor None
Pour Point, ASTM D97 +5°F / -15°C
Density @ 60°F/16°C

7.22 lb/gal
0.8624 g/ml

Flash Point, COC, ASTM 92 442°F / 228°C
Fire Point, COC, ASTM 92 505°F / 263°C
Autoignition Point 670°F / 354°C
Atmospheric Boiling Point (10%) ASTM D1160 705°F / 374°C
Maximum Film Temperature 600°F / 316°C
Maximum Recommended Bulk Temperature 550°F / 288°C
Average Molecular Weight 440
Pumpability Temperature @ 2000cP 0°F / -18°C
Heat of Vaporization @ 600°F / 316°C 420 BTU/lb
(977 kJ/kg)
Heat of Combustion 18,250 BTU/lb
42.4 MJ/kg
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 0.00054/°F

*Typical Properties, not specifications

Low Vapor Pressure
MultiTherm IG-1® heat transfer fluid has a low vapor pressure compared to other economical heat transfer fluids. This is important because fluid boil-off is an issue in open systems. The rate of boil-off of a heat transfer fluid is dependent on the fluid vapor pressure. The higher the vapor pressure, the greater the rate of fluid boil-off.

High Flash Point
MultiTherm IG-1® also offers the benefit of having a high flash point of 442°F / 228°C compared to other economical heat transfer fluids on the market.

Easy Disposal
MultiTherm IG-1® is generally simpler to dispose of than many synthetic thermal liquids. Used, uncontaminated fluid can be treated as a used lubricating oil, and handled through a local waste oil processor. Check with all applicable regulations in advance.

Benefits of MultiTherm IG-1®

  • Economical
  • Excellent Thermal Conductivity at high temperatures
  • Resists Thermal Breakdown in closed-loop systems
  • Long Service Life and Excellent performance in closed-loop systems
  • Non-Corrosive, Non-Toxic and Non-Hazardous material


Warranty: MultiTherm® warrants that MultiTherm IG-1® conforms to the data set forth in this brochure. We present this information in good faith, but because we cannot control or anticipate the many different conditions under which our information and product may be used, no other warranty, expressed or implied, is given.