Hot Oil Heat Transfer Oil - MultiTherm IG-4®

MultiTherm IG-4® is a non-toxic durable heat transfer oil for use in closed loop, liquid phase heating systems up to 600°F.

A variety of industries benefit from the use of MultiTherm IG-4®. In the Chemical Process Industry, it is used in central hot oil systems for heating all types of process equipment. In Asphalt Storage Facilities, the fluid is used for line tracing and tank heating. Die Temperature Control Systems benefit from its clean operation and high flash point. In Commercial Laundries, MultiTherm IG-4® provides higher throughput with a greater degree of safety in flat work ironers.

MultiTherm IG-4® provides users with a safe, durable and economical heat transfer fluid without the potential hazards posed by some conventional thermal fluids.

Promotes Plant and Personal Safety 
MultiTherm IG-4® offers several advantages over many synthetic heat transfer fluids. The fluid does not contain any component recognized as a hazardous chemical under the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard. Moreover, there are no reportable substances under SARA Title (302), (304), (311), (312), and (313). Further, the fluid rarely causes skin irritation on contact and it rarely causes respiratory irritation due to fluid vapors that may be present. These advantages add up to afford a safe, userfriendly alternative to synthetic fluids.

Easy Disposal
MultiTherm IG-4® is generally simpler to dispose of than many synthetic thermal liquids. Used, uncontaminated fluid can be treated as a used lubricating oil, and handled through a local waste oil processor. Check with all applicable regulations in advance.

MultiTherm IG-4 Physical Characteristics
Chemical Type White Mineral Oil
Appearance Clear, Colorless
Odor Faint
Pour Point, ASTM D97 -0°F /-18°C
Density @ 60°F/15.6°C 7.22 lb/gal
0.866 g/cc
Flash Point, COC, ASTM D92 440°F / 227°C
Fire Point, COC, ASTM D92 490°F / 254°C
Autoignition Temperature 630°F / 332°C
Atmospheric Boiling Point (10%) ASTM D1160 772°F / 411°C
Average Molecular Weight 446
Maximum Film Temperature 650°F / 343°C
Maximum Recommended Operating Temperature 600°F / 316°C
Pumpable, Centrifugal @ 2000 centipoise 6°F / -14.4°C
Heat of Vaporization @ 600°F / 316°C 91 Btu/lb
212 kJ/kg
Heat of Combustion 19,500 Btu/lb
45.3 MJ/kg
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 0.00054/°F

Closed Loop Systems 
Closed loop, liquid phase heat transfer systems often operate for extended periods of time with little or no problems. However, equipment malfunctions such as circulating pump failures, bypass valve malfunctions, and cracked heater tubes can put extra stress on the heat transfer fluid. If the fluid has been in service for a period of time, and especially if it has been exposed to air at high temperature, these malfunctions can cause rapid degradation and require immediate replacement to prevent further equipment problems. MultiTherm IG-4® is a highly refined product with resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown. It can take the stress without requiring premature replacement.

Open Systems 
Oxidation and fluid boil-off are major problems when using organic heat transfer fluids in hot open systems. Oxidation produces organic acids which can polymerize and create deposits. The rate of boil-off is dependent on the fluid vapor pressure. The higher the vapor pressure, the greater the rate of fluid boil-off. MultiTherm IG-4® has exceptionally low vapor pressure, and excellent oxidation resistance. As a result, its service life is significantly longer under these severe conditions. In an open tank, MultiTherm IG-4® should not exceed 350°F/177°C.

High Flash Point
In certain applications, local, state or federal regulations may require that the thermal fluid system operate below the fluid flash point. This can result in the need for greater heat transfer surface area (more equipment expense) to achieve required heat loads. MultiTherm IG-4® has one of the highest flash points of any heat transfer fluid (440°F/227°C). This provides maximum system efficiency.

Lower Costs 
Reduced Equipment Costs 
Basing equipment design on MultiTherm IG-4® can reduce equipment costs. Its extremely low vapor pressure eliminates the need for pressurized expansion tanks to prevent pump cavitation and can allow specification of lower cost, low pressure piping and process equipment. VOC emissions are not normally a problem with MultiTherm IG-4® since system pressures are low and the fluid vapor pressure is very low.

Reduced Maintenance Costs 
MultiTherm IG-4® is based on a paraffinic oil that coats all system surfaces with a protective fluid film. This film provides outstanding lubricity for moving parts and also helps protect components from corrosion.

Warranty: MultiTherm® warrants that MultiTherm IG-4® conforms to the data set forth in this brochure. We present this information in good faith, but because we cannot control or anticipate the many different conditions under which our information and product may be used, no other warranty, expressed or implied, is given.