"The Exception To The Rule"

Ultra-Low Temperature Heat Transfer Fluid
MultiTherm ULT-170 ®

Typical Properties of MultiTherm ULT-170®
Composition: Hydrocarbon Blend
Appearance and Color: Transparent, clear to light yellow
Property US units SI units
Freeze Point -200°F -129°C
Boiling Point: 384-354°F 176-179°C
Flash Point
(closed cup):
127°F 53°C
Flash Point
(open cup):
142°F 61°C
Fire Point: 147°F 64°C
Autoignition Temperature: 730°F 388°C
Critical Temperature 1 : 729°F 387°C
Critical Pressure 1 : 33.6 atm 34 bar
Avg. Molecular Weight: 135
Dielectric Constant: 2.3


MultiTherm ULT-170® heat transfer fluid extends low-end operating ranges far beyond the boundaries of most competitive brands. Even at temperatures below -170°F (-112°C), the fluid remains pumpable.

MultiTherm ULT-170®
allows for cost-effective retrofits with minimal equipment modifications. Choose its thermal stability, environmental performance, biodegrade-ability and cost effectiveness for many critical applications.

Recommended Temperature Range:
-170°F (-112°C) to 100°F (38°C)

Technical Information
For more technical, health and safety information or to request a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), contact our MultiTherm sales representative at:

Toll Free: 800-225-7440
Ph: 610-408-8361, Fax: 610-408-8365
or e-mail at TechInfo@MultiTherm.com.

Viscosity of MultiTherm ULT - 170®

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