Hot Oil System Technical Resource Center

Now there's a way for you to prevent hot fluid system problems before they begin... and get the most heat transfer possible for every fluid dollar you spend.

Our TechTeam Program now makes it possible for you to draw upon many years of experience in fluid technology... and an applications data base 20 years in the making.

To make the most of the TechTeam Program, we encourage you to furnish our application engineers with as much data about your system as possible. We've provided a TechTeam Form for this purpose.

Complete Key System Data 
Use the TechTeam Form to compile the most critical information about your system... and have it handy whenever you need repairs or have a problem. Send a copy to your TechTeam partners at MultiTherm®. It will tell us how we can be an even more valuable resource for you in the future.

Have Your Fluid Analyzed 
Fluid Analysis will help us to help you identify potential problems before they happen. We recommend one be made at least once a year.

Our fluid analysis includes:
1. Total Acid Number (TAN)
This is a measure of the degree of oxidation or possible fluid contamination.
2. Viscosity Measurement 
This will show viscosity charges that can affect heat transfer and fluid flow efficiency.
3. Distillation 
This test is a measure of fluid thermal degradation and allows you to estimate if the fluid has undergone severe overheating.

If you have had a fluid analysis done by another company, you will get even more value from it by furnishing a copy to your TechTeam partner... so he will be better informed about your system's past performance.

MultiTherm is a problem solving organization with many years of heat transfer system/fluid evaluation in any of the following:

A. Design Stage 
  1. We can help you select the best fluid for your application.
  2. Provide suggestions on equipment specifications and/or suppliers.
  3. Provide a check list to ensure you cover all points to facilitate a smooth startup.

B. Operation Stage

Periodic fluid analysis will allow you to check the condition of fluid which is an indication of how well your system is operating.

C. Trouble Shooting Stage

With a fluid testing program we can give a detailed analysis so you can quickly troubleshoot system problems, extend fluid life and improve performance. By tracking analyses over a period of time, your system can be kept at optimum efficiency.

TechTeam's ultimate goal is total support of your heat transfer fluid needs. The following brochures outline some proven methods to assure proper system performance. Available from the company that really does understand hot fluid systems... MultiTherm.